Yes, we are TrueTongue.
And we stand by it.

To be a TrueTongue we make sure that our communication is real, clear and crisp. In this world of misleading the consumers, there is a need of information which is believable and makes sense. And our motto is to deliver creatives with correct and true insights where it becomes easy for the consumers to relate, believe in a brand.

The doubt arises if the creatives are filled with true facts and information, how can it be creative enough to standout from the clutter. Why not? At TrueTongue the ideas make the difference with believable data and clutter-free execution.

Ok. Now, how can be an idea led creative have the facts which will connect the consumers easily? Yes it can. Welcome to TrueTongue. We have the experience, skill and professionalism to come out with a creative which has the combination of convincing detail and strong idea.

Talking about experience and skill, we have a solid 16 years of bigger advertising agency exposure on various brands of different types & sizes. From fashion to food, bankers to realtors, bio-tech to info-tech, travel to beverages, household to health, education to hospitality.

To find out how true we are with our work please get in touch with us at